Car Insurance/homeowners insurance?

Is Response Insurance a good company? I’m looking to lower my current rates with American Family. Response gave me some really good rate quotes.

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  1. says:

    In addition to getting personal opinions about the reputation and value of an insurance company, you can also check out your state insurance department. You should be able to check the record of customer complaints through your state insurance department’s Web site. I’ve included a link to state insurance departments and to a Texas state insurance department example. You can also compare prices and talk to insurance agents through Web sites, including Through the site you can read articles about car and homeowners insurance, compare and contrast dozens of plans, and speak to multiple state-licensed insurance agents who can offer insight and advice without any obligation.

    You just click the following link and fill out a short, secure, form to get started.

    Hope this helps,

  2. Mario Vinny D says:

    I have Farmers with my two cars and the house.So, far,so good. I had a couple of bad accidents and everything went fine. Try Farmers. I don’t know.Here in Texas is good.Rates I wish I can tell ya, but every were is different.From make and year card to the house location and size.Check with your agent.

  3. kobayashi says:

    I think that this is a situation that requires more information. How old are you. Do you have a good driving record. Have you ever been evicted. Have you ever burned your house down, etc. Okay the last couple were a bit much but you get the point. I do know that if you hit up these sites, they are all about the quotes.

  4. says:

    call the Better Business Bureau and see if they have had any negative claims filed. get what you pay for… sometimes its best to stay with a well known company.

  5. brokerman74067 says:

    Mercury or Safeco

  6. Exoilfeildtrash says:

    State Farm and AllState usually are very competitive and give discounts for multiple policey holders.

  7. erindrozda says:

    we use state farm – they are great and pretty reasonable

  8. freakyallweeky says:

    You may get great rates with them but you might want to call Allstate. I have been with Allstate for 11 years now and if you go for so long without having a late payment they drop your rate and you can sign up for the rewards program which means for every year you don’t have an accident you take $100 off of your deductible. They have a great roadside service plan and will pick you up or give you a tow and a rental car for free for any reason that your car has issues. They really are a great company. I have never heard of Responce but they may be a good company as well so you could call the Insurance Commission in your state and find out if there have been any problems with them and if they have made any attempts to break the laws when one of their drivers has had an accident.

  9. pbandj says:

    AIG or Liberty Mutual Group

  10. hazeltine4 says:

    Off-brand name insurance companies are fine to save money — as long as you never need to make a claim. Many of them make up for the rates by only covering 80% of the claim AFTER the deductable is paid, so you are out a lot of money. Stick with someone like State Farm, American Family, or All-State. Yes the rates are a little higher, but they have real-live local representatives, and they stand by you when you need them.

  11. Atangel says:

    Really depends. Those guys all take into consideration so many different factors so differently that if you are really shopping around, you have to shop around.

    One company, with low rates, will like doing business in one state but doesn’t want to in another and will charge accordingly (one company basically told me this when their car insurance rates were three times the average for NYC than what else I had seen).

    Shop around, see if a company offers discounts for getting the two together (MetLife does, and my renters policy is almost free–near the same total annual premium. Geico doesn’t).

    As long as you do it during the same short period your credit history wont be so brutalized by all the checks as they realize you are shopping around.

  12. piratephyl says:

    I work at an insurance agency selling company benefits and individual health, life, dental, disability, vision, vehicle, home, fire (etc) insurance, but I honestly have never heard of this company. Google them and check them out with the BBB (nationally). Check them out with AM Best also and see what they are rated. Anything less then a B and you should reconsider unless you know someone personally who has done business with them.

  13. pokerplayer528 says:

    In order to make sure that their rates are the lowest you should get a comparison quote. This site has free comparison quotes for all types of insurance

  14. Tom l says:

    Check out this article i found it has details on different types of plans and information etc.

  15. angel09 says:

    All I can say is that if you are given a very competative quote, get it in writing! Then there’s no going back :)

  16. ewwwenglish4francecom says:

    good feedback

  17. bundysmom says:

    Having tried to work with them regarding claims…I wouldn’t go near them.

    If you buy insurance based upon rates–you may be missing out. You need to compare POLICY TO POLICY, as not all policies cover the same things and not all policies cover YOUR SPECIFIC needs.

    I used to work for Allstate and am still insured with Allstate….they’re a bit more than AmFam in Vegas but I know what my policy covers and it suits my needs and the policy at AmFam doesn’t even come close. So, I pay a bit more but I get what I need…instead of something I don’t.

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