Do I need any liability insurance if I run a video game development business solo?

I am 16 and I would like to develop a video game for PC by myself. The game would be sold on the games official website, and other shopping sites. It would be available for both digital download and on physical copies. The game would obtain a rating from ESRB, be registered for Copyright protection, and I would be part of a few affiliate programs. Funding and the workload is NOT at all a problem, so don’t even mention it. All I would like to know is if having any Personal liability insurance would be necessary? What I fear is idiots suing me for whatever reason comes to be. Would homeowners insurance pay for the lawsuit if I am sued (For any reason)? I am just a kid with highly advanced computer skills. Thanks!
Serious Answers Please!! Thank You!! :)
The game would be based entirely on my own ideas. I would definitely NOT copy another game.

Other Insurance Info

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    One Response to “Do I need any liability insurance if I run a video game development business solo?”

    1. mbrcatz says:

      You don’t need any kind of insurance, until you try to go sell it.

      Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover ANY kind of business liability, so no, if you WANT liability coverage, you’ll have to buy it.

      You can wait until you have a finished product first, though.

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