Housing market in Houston, TX?

My soon to be wife and I are considering moving to the Houston area in about a year. Was wondering what some good areas would be to start a family…. Also, what are property taxes / homeowners insurance rates like?

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    1. bored person says:

      If you want a new house go to the suburbs like Cinco Ranch, that area is great for kids and has top notch schools but it is REALLY far out of the city. I think the best place is the memorial area it is close to the city if you take I10 but not to the point it becomes expensive this area has great schools but you wont get a brand new house even though the houses there are in great condition

    2. Jacob says:

      where I live it’s all cheaper & a great place to raise a family. the secret is I live in a mostly undeveloped county in the Houston area, Chambers county. the western part of Chambers county (Mont Belvieu, Cove , Beach City, Old River) has one of the Houston area’s better schools, Barbers Hill I.S.D. ( )
      housing here is also very affordable, one home in my neighborhood (RWJ Airpark) one an acre on the airport runway would usually go for 340,000 went for 240,000!

      you would only be minutes from:
      -Yepez Vineyard
      -Eagle Pointe Wave Pool & Fitness Complex
      -Eagle Point Golf Course
      -Pirates Bay Water park
      -San Jacinto methodist Hospital
      -San Jacinto Mall

      websites of towns in W. Chamber County:
      Old River-
      Mont Belvieu-
      Beach City-

      Other good Houston areas to raise a family:

    3. Leslie S says:

      The whole Houston area is cheap as far as housing goes. Of course everything depends n where you are moving from.
      Taxes are not. Our property taxes are much higher here then they were in northern Illinois.
      Insurance is very high depending on where you live. Hurricanes and flooding cause the rates to go very high.
      They have competition among electricity providers in the area. That was supposed to lower rates yet the Houston area has higher rates than back in Illinois where there was no competition and than in Austin Tx.
      Houston area is very hot and very humid, you use a lot of electricity.
      You go where the job is and where the schools are rated decent.
      You must drive everywhere and things are spread out.

    4. Stephanie says:

      I grew up near Cypress, TX which is a suburb and it was a great place to grow up. Great schools, quiet atmosphere, and very safe. It’s growing a lot too so there are lots of new housing developments popping up everywhere.

    5. Julie says:

      A great website for you to use is It lists all the homes for sale in Houston and also has a tool where you can calculate the property taxes for a home you’re interested in. The lowest taxes I have found is actually in my area of Pearland, they’re 2.59. Pearland is a wonderful place to raise a family, there’s many community activities and we have exemplary schools. However I would highly recommend staying on the EAST side of Pearland in zip code 77581. It’s much quieter as far as crime goes.

      Avoid looking at homes in the inner city unless you can buy yourself into an upscale neighborhood like West University and Memorial. The area by the medical center is also very good and they have excellent schools. I personally would NOT go anywhere near the north side, even the nicer neighborhoods on the outskirts of town due to the enormous traffic. Commutes can be an hour or more.

      Another area I would avoid like the plague is the southwest. I used to live in the southwest area and it has changed very much. The nicer neighborhoods used to be in this area but it is now overrun by crime. The tricky thing is, a lot of the neighborhoods still look nice and they look a bit upscale but do not be fooled. AVOID.

      The east side of houston along I-10 is unattractive and very polluted due to the plants and refineries.

      I recommend the southeast along the far side of I-45 outside of Beltway 8. Clear Lake, Friendswood, League City. Traffic is not as bad as the rest of the city. It usually only stretches 3-4 miles before you’re back at posted speeds. Good luck!

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